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Everyone loves entertaining, and there is something special about being able to do it in an outdoor space. What many people don’t realise however, is that you don’t need a massive backyard to set-up an area that your guests will love and feel comfortable in. At Amico – a professional landscape gardener in Sydney, we are the backyard design experts and we’ve got some simple handy tips on how you can easily turn your outdoor space into a great party space; no matter how big or small it may be.

Create Multiple Spaces

While this tip can be tricky in smaller areas, it’s not impossible. Many people gravitate towards one large table in the centre of their outdoor area; however, this can make conversation difficult with a larger group.

As a unique alternative, create smaller sitting areas! This not only creates a more intimate setting, but it also gives the feel of a small restaurant or bar, and makes the space more communal as people can choose where they’d like to go and sit. It will also keep the chatter volume down as your guests won’t have to yell across one large table area, but more relaxed in their own smaller groupings.

Outdoor Cinema Anyone?

If you want a cost-effective way to turn your next gathering into a funky little event… think about investing in a projector.  Your projector screen can be nothing more than hanging a sheet, and suddenly you’ve got an instant outdoor movie theatre! You can get more creative with bean bags for chairs and enjoy a film under the stars.

Invest in a projector for a fun way to make your backyard events more special. Everyone loves a cinema under the stars.

Painting the Wood

If you have some wooden elements to your backyard, like a porch or retaining wall, consider giving them new life by painting them a particular colour and finding chairs that will match. This is an easy way to provide a neat and unique design flair to an existing area while also making things look refreshed.

Handy Pro Tip: Sand the wood before you paint, so you get greater longevity from the finish.

Light Up the Trees

Large trees or tall plants help to make an outdoor area feel more comfortable, really selling the notion that you are indeed outside. The great thing about including some ample greenery doesn’t stop at their great looks, they can also provide ample shade during the day and space for hanging lights during the night.

A fantastic and affordable lighting aesthetic involves wrapping string lights around a tree or plant that has the most height. These lights will help to create an atmospheric environment for your party, and they will also look fantastic in the photos of the event!

Let the trees hold your lights for a stylish and practical way to create great ambiance at your next outdoor event!

Don’t Go Overboard!

Yes, the minimalist trend is most certainly still in, and for a very good reason. There is no need to overcrowd your space, especially when dealing with an outdoor area as nature in itself is a beautiful setting. Half the work is already done for you!

Include a minimalist patio or whitewash your wood, and keep things tonal by implementing a gravel garden instead of grass. Sometimes, less is more, and this certainly can apply to your garden.

Let Amico Help Turn Your Garden Into Your Favourite Room!

With many years of experience designing beautiful outdoor areas that people love, Amico are the ones to call to get the best use out of your outdoor spaces. We can help you out, if you are just starting from scratch, or looking to revitalise an existing area.

So if you are looking at designing a new backyard area, give us a call today, we have years of expertise in making outdoor spaces functional and beautiful, and we will be happy to help ensure you get the most out of your outdoors!

Simply give us a call on 1300-GARDEN (1300- 427 336), and we will assess your situation and provide you with some fresh new ideas and a competitive quote. With Amico on the job, we know you will adore the results for many years to come!

About The Author - AMICO’s Founder – Ami Bauer

In 1994 Ami Bauer left his corporate management career in retail. Not knowing exactly what to do next, he started mowing lawns and gardening, mainly as a fill in job till he figured out his future.

So starting with little more than a motor mower, a utility truck and business name (Ami-co) he set forth into his local suburbs and for the next few years Ami found the business rewarding and it expanded rapidly.

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