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local tradesmen referral

Have you been looking to get a tradie or a professional to help you? Have you struggled to work out what is good value for money or good quality work. Trying to find a trustworthy, reasonably priced tradie can be an incredibly taxing affair, especially if you don’t know what to look for or who to call. 

Amico has built up a network of tradespeople and professionals over the best part of the past 3 decades. We trust them, and we would stake our good name on them being up to the task! 

Is it hard to find them?

Most of the best professionals and tradespeople are busy doing their job, rather than marketing. This can often mean that they have next to no presence online. A lot is about word of mouth. If you can’t even find who does what you need, then let us help you.

Maybe it’s picking the best one?

It’s not always easy to filter good ones, from the not so good ones. If this is you, then let us help you. 

Maybe it’s hard to cut through the jargon

So maybe you have found them, and you’re happy with the price point and the timeframes given, but you want to know if the work is ok. Some professionals and trades don’t like to put things in lay terms. 

Our network includes: 

  • Handyman
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Pond / Water Feature Repairs
  • Decorative Pot Maker
  • Refuse Collection
  • Carpenter 
  • Tiler
  • Floor Sander
  • Air Conditioning
  • Painter
  • BBQ cleaning
  • House Cleaner
  • Removalist
  • Home Stylist 
  • Real Estate agent 
  • Property Manager  
  • Gym  
  • Accountant  
  • Financial Advisor  
  • Mortgage Broker 
  • Mechanic 
  • English Tutor for 2nd Language  
  • Home Hi Fi Experts
  • Children’s Birthday Party Planners
  • And more


At Amico, we have been maintaining gardens in Sydney for almost 30 years, so we have had plenty of time to work out who does a good job, and who we’re happy to stake our reputation on. The list will always change though, as if a trade lets us down or we have a client unhappy with our recommendation, we will always be reviewing. 

If you would like to offer your services and be part of our network of contacts or perhaps you have some excellent contacts that you would like to offer to Amico clients, please let us know.

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