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We all deserve to enjoy our time in a beautiful garden, and creating one to be in is made simple with the best Garden Maintenance North Sydney has to offer from the team at Amico. Whether it’s a lawn worthy of bowls or a garden of zen, get the outdoor space for you through our expert team.


Garden maintenance in North Sydney is a painstaking, time consuming, yet cathartic and long term rewarding process. Turning your back or front garden into a work of art can be essential into reconnecting with the outdoors and feeding the soul. Amico knows this and is here with the solution, with landscaping North Sydney residents can really get behind.

We’re proud of our work and even prouder to have the opportunity to contribute to the stunning landscapes in the lovely area of North Sydney. With our expert help, your garden will be a true highlight and will be in tip top shape for your enjoyment. Take advantage of our varied skill set today.

garden maintenance north sydney

However you like your garden, Amico knows how to make it happen


 Some Benefits of the Amico Service

  • Quick and responsive communications
  • A high-level of standards in our works and results that will leave you delighted
  • Advice and tips for gardening, to help you maintain yourself if you wish
  • A large team of garden specialists for increased availability
  • A weatherproof team – it takes more than a little bit of rain to stop us from completing your job
  • Years of expertise in garden maintenance, lawn care, tree services, North Sydney residents can rest assured in our pedigree
  • The Amico attitude to go above and beyond on everything we do


A Wide Range of Lawn and Garden Care Available in North Sydney

We’ve constructed the Amico range of services to cover all of your garden and lawn needs. This includes:

  • Edge Trimming
  • Garden and Lawn Irrigation
  • Garden and Lawn Weeding
  • Garden and Lawn Fertilisation
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Cleaning of Paths and Driveways
  • Pruning
  • Tree Removal North Sydney
  • And more

Trust in Amico’s fully qualified professionals solve your garden conundrums, and then put them into action without drama. The best part? We do all of this for some of the lowest prices in Sydney. Speak to us about a free, no-obligation quote for your garden maintenance needs today!

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Many of us overlook the sheer amount of time it takes to do your own garden verus bringing in a professional. Very often garden care can be a time consuming task, mentally and physically draining and sometimes, without the right knowledge of what to plant, when, and how, the fruits of our labours might not always tally up with the input. Thus, the advantages of giving the job to experts like Amico means getting to relax and enjoy your free time, with your ideal new outdoor garden space. The best products of hard work, even without you having to break a sweat!

Tick the gardening off from your to-do list, and also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Amico will provide professional results for gardening tasks of any size or stature. Speak to us about our regular maintenance packages so you can trust your outdoor areas will be in great shape, all year round.

gardener north sydney

A garden says a lot about an owner – we can help you make your outdoor space your own.

So Why Us? The Amico Difference

Since our inception in 1994, we have provided high-quality work which has led to our team becoming one of Sydney’s most trusted gardening service providers.

  • We place the customer first in everything we do and have prompt communication
  • Feel free to contact us after hours for enquiries and site visits; we work to your schedule
  • All work is completed in a timely manner, without sacrificing quality
  • Any matters of dissatisfaction are taken care of immediately
  • We employ a large group of experts which means little to no disruption to scheduled visits
  • All of the benefits that come with over 25 years of knowledge and skills in garden maintenance

We take pride in making North Sydney gardens look beautiful and treat them like they are our own. We also operate in an environmentally-friendly manner and keep up-to-date with modern techniques, council requirements, and more to ensure you get the garden you’re after.

Ready to Have One of the Best Gardens in North Sydney? Speak to Amico Right Now

Get on the phone and chat with an Amico team member today! We offer the right solution at the best possible price, on-time and within budget!

Our stunning portfolio of work is something we are very proud of, and we would love to add your garden to it. All of this provides the result of your relaxing in a stunning outdoor space that you’ll truly love. Chat to Amico today about a no-obligation, competitive quote, and let’s have your lawn and garden look the best it possibly can!


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