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Finding the right gardeners in Sydney for your home and your lifestyle can be challenging. Perhaps you’ve recently moved from an apartment into a house, maybe even your first home, and you feel a little overwhelmed with the requirement to tend a garden. Or perhaps an increasingly busy professional or personal life has left little time for gardening. Whatever journey you’re on and whatever kind of gardening support you need, Amico is the solution.

For over twenty years, Amico has delivered high-quality gardening services in Golden Grove and throughout the Eastern Suburbs. We prioritise our service to you, promising:

  • General, immediate responses to both email and phone inquiries, with the aim to organise a meeting to fit with your schedule and work with your needs, including after-hours and on weekends;
  • Rapidly provided quotes and quick implementation of our design plans to ensure work is completely with very little waiting time, on a schedule that works for you;
  • A personalised approach to every garden and flexible working arrangements to best suit whatever you need from us;
  • Consistent, detailed communication about our work and direction for ongoing garden developments;
  • A comprehensive range of excellent gardening and general maintenance services in Sydney; and
  • An excellent experience and second-to-none from the get-go, personally guaranteed.

We pride ourselves at adapting our methods to suit your schedule and support your needs; no matter the type of area, we can create an amazing garden to fit your home and your lifestyle. With Amico as your gardener, you’re guaranteed the highest quality experience, and that’s what makes us the Eastern Suburbs’ best.

Personalised Gardening Services

We understand every landscape is unique, with its own particular quirks and individual needs, so we’re dedicated to ensuring we tailor our methods to align with your requirements. Hiring gardeners in Golden Grove is as easy as getting in touch with our team: we’ll respond quickly and arrange a time that suits you to come out and assess your garden.

Our team will provide a rapid but thorough analysis of your landscape’s needs and produce a quick quote. Then we’ll create a tailored team of the best possible garden professionals to suit your gardening needs.

Garden maintenance Golden Grove

Our personalised approach creates a garden that meets your landscape requirements and fulfils your green dreams.

Decades of skill and experience in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs ensures we can work efficiently and quickly to create the garden oasis you’re looking for with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

Gardening Services with Excellent Communication At Every Stage

We understand that communicating with our clients is incredibly important, and we firmly believe in keeping you in the loop with how we’re developing your garden! Because we want you to know what’s going on, we’ve created an in-depth ‘Garden Management Report’ that you’ll receive after every visit from our lawn and garden maintenance teams.

This report provides a summary of what services we’ve provided in our visit and what we suggest are the next steps for your landscape with a timeline for implementing future work and ongoing garden development.

Our focus on communication and customer service allows us to adapt our services to a wide range of different spaces and landscapes and guarantee we can meet your gardening requirements. Whether it’s your small home garden, your bare apartment balcony, or your large industrial office landscape, our flexible and highly-skilled horticulturalists can handle them all.

Gardening Maintenance Services in Golden Grove

Our broad range of gardening services covers every kind of maintenance and development you might require and we provide ourselves on our ability to deliver whatever our customers are looking for. From soil revitalisation or pest control through to more general cleaning and rubbish removal, Amico will provide the gardening treatments you need.

gardening services golden grove

Whether it’s a house, an apartment, or a commercial office space, we can adapt our approach to suit your space and your needs.

Our services include:

  • Landscape design – we’ll work closely with you to provide a professional design consultation and detailed plans to ensure we’re achieving your aims. Our professional horticulturalists provide advice and oversee implementation of your ideal garden.
  • Creating your vision – we handle planting greenery and lawns (including artificial grass), irrigation systems, paving, retaining walls, and gardening edging in whatever materials best suit your landscape.
  • Timber work – whether it’s benches, decking, pergolas, fencing, or a combination of them all, we’ll incorporate high-quality timber work to meet your needs.
  • Pruning – we keep your plants blooming and growing as they should.
  • Weed control and trimming – we remove bothersome weeds and trim as required to ensure your landscape is crisp and clean, and damage-free.
  • Lawn mowing, edging, and upkeep – we’ll keep your lawn maintained to a high standard, ensuring it’s neat and inviting no matter the season. We provide initial lawn installation and incorporation of an irrigation system to suit your garden’s needs.
  • Pest control – we’ll eradicate any pests threatening your treasured plant life to keep your garden lush and healthy!
  • Fertilising, garden mulching, and soil conditioning – we undertake a specialized soil revitalisation program to support plant health and maintain your garden’s aesthetic.
  • Tree work – whether it’s tree pruning or removal, stump grinding or council applications, we will ensure your tree problems are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Rubbish removal – we declutter your landscape and handle rubbish removal to open up and rejuvenate your garden. Waste removal is easy when Amico is handling your gardening, and we’ll ensure green waste is recycled or composted as appropriate.
  • General cleaning – we’ll provide you with a neater, more open space with a quick and efficient general clean to get you on top of garden maintenance!
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If you’re feeling a little lost when you’re looking at your garden, broaden your horizons! Are you overrun with weeds, time poor, or feeling overwhelmed by your gardening requirements? Do you need guidance and direction, a touch of general garden maintenance or maybe something more drastic, like tree removal?

No matter what services for a garden maintenance in Golden Grove you need, we can achieve your dreams for you: just contact Amico today on 1300 GARDEN (1300 427 336) or drop by our Queens Park office to speak to one of our trained professionals.


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