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Trimming and pruning any plant or flower is a meticulous task that requires patience, love, and skill. Now imagine you take that small little flower and multiply by 100…and then some. Tree trimming and tree pruning is a long, arduous and time consuming task simply because of the scale of the thing that you are trying to prune. And that’s not to mention the clean-up job!

You can try yourself, but sometimes you need to bring in some friends, a ladder or two, some specialist tools, and then you still might end up cutting off too much, or not enough, or the wrong branches. Then you will still have to take all the cuttings and dispose of them.

Well, you can relax, because Amico is here for you. At Amico, we use expert tree trimming and pruning skills for the best results for you, worry free, so you can get on with enjoying your garden and home the way you always imagined it when you moved in!

The range of benefits to the Amico service offerings include:

  • Speedy response times, both on the job and for all enquiries
  • Quick, and skilful work, completed to your own specifications
  • Advice and tips to help you care for your garden pre and post service
  • Access to a large number of garden specialists so there’s no excuses for your job not being completed
  • No “fair weather” attitude – we will complete your job whatever the weather
  • Our expertise in garden maintenance as we have been operating since 1994
  • The Amico way: going that extra step to surprise and delight you with your gardens
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Trees can be vital parts of garden spaces – let Amico help yours compliment your spac5

Amico has a wide variety of services to offer for your garden and this is the key reason why we have one of the best tree trimming services Sydney has to offer. We will not only help you work out how to trim your tree, but will do the pruning and take away the cuttings themselves.

Amico does tree pruning Sydney can boast without a shadow of a doubt. This is in no large part due to our attention to detail, work ethic, skilled technique and “can-do” attitude.

Employing Amico to trim and prune your trees for you can give you your free time back. That’s more time to garden cricket with the kids, or work on that for the shareholders, or just kick back and relax whilst we pull the weight. We will get your trees into tip top shape, and take the cuttings away so you don’t have to.

tree pruning sydney

Trees of all different shapes and sizes need to be shaped and pruned – Amico can do this for you!

So, Why Use Amico for Your Tree Trimming and Pruning?

Amico is known as the most trusted gardening service provider throughout Sydney, because we are passionate about what we do and guarantee that what we do, you will be passionate about too! Our goal is to keep Sydney’s gardens being the best versions of themselves, and thanks to our guarantee, they always are.

  • Amico’s response times means that you won’t be sitting and waiting for your new garden, we can work to your schedule
  • Once you give us approval, our team will be straight out to you and get started, to minimise delay
  • Amico is so sure you’ll be happy, that we will go back until it’s exactly how you want it.
  • Due to our team size, neither bad weather nor personal illness will get between you and your perfect garden
  • Amico has been providing garden maintenance, and service needs to Sydney customers since 1994, and our service goes above and beyond which is why many of our foundation clients remain customers to this day.

We work in every garden as if we were working on our own, and work with you to create the ideal space for your outdoors. With us working for you, your trees will be pruned, your garden groomed and your haven restored!

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