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Is Your Garden Or Lawn Getting A Little Bit Out Of Control? Amico Are Sydney’s Expert Garden Pruners; We Take The Hassle Out Of Garden Maintenance Leaving You To Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

Amico’s landscape gardeners Sydney team want you to enjoy your beautiful garden, as opposed to it being a constant source of stress. If you are looking to take the time consuming task of garden or lawn pruning off your to do list, then it would be our pleasure to help! Our cost-efficient garden pruning services will mean that there is one less household task you need to worry about.

Garden pruning is a delicate task that needs careful attention, especially if you have a specific goal or look in mind. Amico can help you achieve your desired outcome and maintain your garden’s plants and trees to keep them in top condition. We offer;

  • A professional finish with attention to detail
  • All of the correct tools and implements required
  • Quick and cost efficient service
  • Time savings for you
  • Visual appeal
  • Encouragement of new growth

Give Your Garden A Makeover

Amico offers a range of garden maintenance services in Sydney to make sure your garden always looks and functions its best all year round. Gardens and lawns that are not adequately pruned can be a problem, especially during the Winter months. They can obstruct driveways and paths, and overhangs can move into neighbouring properties disrupting their space. It can also be a safety concern if they block gutters or obstruct electrical cabling.

Amico is proud of our outstanding customer service, and our fully qualified professionals can ensure that your garden or lawn is healthy, neat and picturesque.

garden pruning services

Take garden pruning off of your to-do list this year, Amico’s cost-efficient garden pruning services mean that there is one less household task you need to worry about.

Why Choose Amico?

Amico began with one man with a motor mower, that has since grown into one of Sydney’s most trusted gardening service providers.

Amico is a service oriented, professional group of qualified gardeners in Paddington with the experience and knowledge to not only help you achieve the look you want but also help you discover a look if you haven’t found one yet. We place great importance on our follow up service, and we can solve any gardening issues you may have.

By trusting Amico with your garden, you can rest easy knowing it will be healthy, look great and stay clean. We work to a cost and time-efficient standard for all of our clients; your happiness is our number one priority.

Why Garden And Lawn Pruning Is Important

Plant, lawn and garden maintenance is often overlooked, especially during off seasons. The truth is, there are many benefits to a well-maintained garden beside great looks. It’s great when things look presentable, but pruning and trimming will also:

  • Promote proper plant growth
  • Control insects
  • Prevent plant related diseases

Pruning vs. Trimming

Many people ask us what is the difference between pruning and trimming? People often mix these up, but there is a difference between the two. The removal of dead loose or infected branches or stems is pruning. Whereas trimming is the cutting back of overgrown plants.

garden pruning

There are many benefits to a well-maintained garden beside great looks including the promotion of proper plant growth.

Contact Amico And Keep Your Garden And Lawn In Check!

The Amico team maintains the highest levels of professionalism to keep your garden neat, tidy and healthy, and most importantly… you happy!

We have years of experience as garden management specialists who can solve all of your garden and lawn pruning needs with ease. Get in contact with us and we can offer a competitive quote, as well as handy suggestions to help Sydney residents get the most out of their garden and lawn areas again this year.

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