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Individual Garden Solutions

Based in the Eastern Suburbs, our landscape specialists and gardeners in Sydney have provided reliable gardening services across Sydney for decades, and we have established a reputation for dependable and timely services.

gardening services Paddington Our team of gardening services Paddington professionals are skilled and experienced at helping customers to reflect the creativity and atmosphere they desire, while retaining a sense of individuality in each and every green space. Whether it’s a small home garden or a large commercial landscape, we’re passionate about bringing all our expertise and enthusiasm to creating your dream garden.

Local and Efficient

Over twenty years of providing gardening services in Paddington and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs means that we’re familiar with the area! Upon receiving your call, our team of experts will arrive as soon as possible to provide a detailed landscape analysis and quote. We use a team of skilled professionals to ensure we work quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption to your day and get the job done to the highest standard.

Your Garden Management Team

Our Amico landscape and gardening experts possess all the knowledge and qualifications to fulfill your gardening needs and transform your desired landscape.

Your space is unique, and so is your vision, so we will work closely with you to ensure that we meet your every gardening need.

To start, your garden management team will walk you through a horticultural analysis personalised for your green space and provide an immediate, detailed quote. We then assemble a customised team of our highly skilled specialists, providing the people and skills best suited to your needs.

gardeners Paddington After every visit from our lawn and garden maintenance teams, you will receive a detailed ‘Garden Management Report’. This document explains which gardening services have been completed, provides additional maintenance advice to keep your garden running smoothly, and outlines the plan for subsequent visits.

From tiny home gardens to large commercial spaces, our Amico specialists are dedicated to assisting you to fulfil your gardening needs and helping your flora to thrive into the future.

Our Maintenance Services for Your Garden and Landscape

At Amico, we offer a range of lawn and garden maintenance services in Sydney to meet the needs of every landscape.  Our team of specialists will thoroughly analyse your garden, and determine exactly what you need to create a flourishing green space. From soil nutrition, to aesthetic concerns, to general trimming and cleaning—our range of services will help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

Our services include:

  • Lawn mowing and edging,
  • Pruning,
  • Weeding and trimming,
  • Fertilising, garden mulching, and soil conditioning,
  • Pest control,
  • Rubbish removal, and
  • General cleaning.

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If your Paddington garden, landscape, or green space needs tending to, then give Amico a call at 1300-GARDEN (1300- 427 336) and speak to our team of professionals.

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