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When it comes to turf installation, Sydney residents too often do not have the time to ensure it is done correctly.

Lawn installation requires careful measuring and preparation, with the correct spreading of underlay and that is all before you even get to laying the turf. Luckily, the well-experienced team at Amico are fully accredited in lawn installation services and ready to take care of everything for you!

Lawn Installation Sydney

No matter what size of area you are dealing with, Amico can assess the situation and lay out a new lawn that is best suited to your area, so you’ll have a thriving green grass all year round. To ensure this, our regular garden maintenance options can take the hassle of mowing, weeding, and trimming out of your schedule. We can handle it all, so you get to sit back and enjoy a lush green lawn without any of the work.

Nothing looks more beautiful than a clean and green lawn that provides a safe, soft place for kids and pets, along with a great entertaining area for the adults. Amico are experts in turf installation and we can create a lawn or you that is both beautiful and functional.

lawn installation sydney

Want a lush green lawn all year round? The experts at Amico can help! Speak to us today about lawn installation or maintenance.

Garden Bed Installation

Amico can guarantee a beautiful, healthy garden that you will want to stare at all day long with our professional garden bed preparation and design. The Amico team features experienced landscapers who know how to find the best looks for an outdoor space of any size.

From excavation and preparation, to plant choices and irrigation systems, we handle the entire garden bed preparation and design process for you. We can select the best location in your outdoor space for your garden bed, remove existing plants and weeds, and ensure that your new garden is off to the healthiest start possible.

We can work with you when it comes to planting design, or take the reigns and handle it all with little to no impact on your schedule. Our professional landscapers will find the best plants for your area based on exposure to sunlight and access to water. Healthy plant growth is always our main priority so you can have a fantastic looking garden, all year round.

garden bed installation

Want a lush green lawn all year round? The experts at Amico can help! Speak to us today about lawn installation or maintenance.

What Makes Amico The Right Choice?

There is a range of reasons why Amico excels over our competitors, which our customers would agree. We can ensure that by hiring us for all of your garden needs, you will receive an unparalleled Amico service experience which includes;

  • Excellent communication via phone or email, even after hours with site visits available at a time that suits you
  • The fast dispatch of our team to your job with efficient completion to your total satisfaction
  • In the rare event of matters of dissatisfaction, we will rectify immediately
  • A well-staffed team meaning no disruption to scheduled visits and the quick catch up of any time delays due to weather
  • An experienced range of professionals who have been providing garden maintenance to Darlington since 1994
  • Service that goes above and beyond no matter how large or small the task may be

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If you are looking for a new lawn, a refresh of an old one, or some garden bed areas to really make your outdoor space pop, call Amico today!

If you are a little unsure of what design path to take, or what will work best considering the size of your area, we can help. We will pop out to assess and provide a quote for a solution that you will love and bring out the best in your home, providing an outdoor green area that you can enjoy all the time. Let’s chat today.

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