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Are you finding that tending your garden to create your ideal landscape is becoming more difficult due to increased working commitments, a new family member, or advancing age? If your journey to create the perfect garden oasis has led you to look for a new gardener, we’re your solution.

Amico has, for more than two decades, had the privilege of providing gardening services throughout the Eastern Suburbs and in Double Bay. We pride ourselves on providing speedy, effective and trustworthy services to our customers, offering:

  • Customised service and teams tailored to your unique requirements;
  • Ongoing reporting about our progress and advice for future development; and
  • Our wide range of excellent gardening and general maintenance services in Sydney.

We excel at tailoring our approach to support your needs and deploy our wealth of experience to create the garden you want—making us the best in the Eastern Suburbs. Regardless of size and type of space, we can find garden solutions for any landscape.

Customised Teams and Tailored Garden Maintenance

Amico is passionate about meeting your unique gardening needs by personalizing our approach to provide you with a tailored team of professionals. Gardening services in Double Bay are as simple as giving our team a call to arrange a suitable time for our visit.

After a speedy and detailed analysis of your green space, we’ll provide you a quote for our services and get to work creating the best possible team of enthusiastic professionals for your gardening needs.

Gardening services Double Bay

Our tailored approach means we create a garden that works for you, your space, and your needs

We call upon our decades of experience and skill in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to make sure we work rapidly and effectively as we transform your garden into the space of your dreams.

Your Double Bay Gardeners Report Back to You

It’s important that as we develop your garden, we keep you updated on what we’re up to out there! We know you want to know what’s going on, so we provide a detailed ‘Garden Management Report’ following every visit from our lawn and garden maintenance teams in Sydney.

In it, we’ll give you a summary of what services we’ve handled on our visit and advice for ongoing garden maintenance, as well as our suggested timeline for future visits and continuing landscape development.

Our ability to adapt to a wide range of sizes and different types of spaces means we’ll transform your office landscape or your home’s small garden with no problems. Our skilled horticulturalists are highly flexible and able to fulfil any gardening need.

Range of Maintenance and Gardening Services in Double Bay

We are dedicated to ensuring our expert gardening services encapsulate every kind of maintenance and development you might require. Whether you need general cleaning or soil revitalization, pest control or rubbish removal, our skilled horticultural services can help achieve your garden goals.

Gardening services Double Bay NSW

We handle a wide range of garden maintenance tasks to make your life easier

Our services include:

  • Pruning – regular pruning keeps plants and trees healthy, and keep your garden lush.
  • Weeding and trimming – weeds can damage your garden and ruin your aesthetic, so let us remove them to revitalise your landscape.
  • Lawn mowing and edging – maintaining your lawn to a high standard doesn’t have to be a big chore: Amico will keep it neat and tidy year-round.
  • Pest control – garden pests can destroy plant life, so we’ll handle pest eradication to keep your garden blooming!
  • Fertilising, mulching service, and soil conditioning – soil condition is crucial for keeping gardens healthy and growing, and our dedicated soil revitalisation ensures a thriving green landscape.
  • Rubbish removal – we remove rubbish and declutter your garden to give you more space for rejuvenating your landscape.
  • General cleaning – our efficient cleaning of your garden can help you on the path to a neater, more open, space and we’ll give you tips on maintaining its great condition!
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Are your plants looking droopy, or your garden struggling with weeds? Is the landscape you’re dreaming of always just out of reach? Do you need tree removal in Sydney, or maybe just a bit of general garden maintenance?

No matter what gardening services in Double Bay you need, we can achieve your dreams for you: just contact Amico today on 1300 GARDEN (1300 427 336) or drop by our Queens Park office to speak to one of our trained professionals.


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