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One of the most important parts of creating a beautiful, thriving garden or landscape is garden maintenance. Nurturing your plant life and lawn with the necessary nutrition, protection and cleaning practices is absolutely key to creating a lasting and healthy garden.

Everybody wants a healthy, tidy garden but unfortunately maintenance is a long, and often difficult, process that must be repeated consistently in order to work. Amico’s gardening maintenance specialists remove this frequent source of stress by getting to know and treating your landscape with the care and attention it needs in order to remain manageable and beautiful.

At Amico, we have been in the business of garden maintenance services for over two decades, and have serviced many of the same landscapes consistently over the years. Our landscape maintenance specialists in Eastern Suburbs have decades of experience and horticultural expertise, ensuring that each garden we service receives the highest quality of landscape maintenance in Sydney.

Our Garden Maintenance Approach

At Amico, we know that each garden is unique and requires a specific set of services and skills. Whether providing our services to a tiny commercial courtyard or sprawling residential garden, we are 100% dedicated to understanding your space and providing it with the necessary care.

Our highly skilled specialists work together in garden maintenance teams in order to ensure that every need is met efficiently and to the absolute highest standard. Our teams are dedicated to providing thorough lawn and garden maintenance which includes speedy initial quotes and in-depth horticultural analysis of the garden.

After each visit from our lawn and garden maintenance teams, our customers receive a detailed ‘Garden Management Report’, explaining the gardening services that have been completed, providing additional maintenance advice and telling the customer when and why to expect the next visit.

Working with Amico and our Coogee gardeners team, we will not only help to improve your garden but also help you to understand how best to care for it in the future.

One Call Does It All

At Amico, one call does it all. With just one call to Amico, our specialist landscape maintenance teams will work together to provide any combination of our services necessary to help maintain your garden or landscape.

Our experienced garden maintenance teams work on small and large gardens, in both commercial and residential settings, to help maintain their beauty and encourage healthy growth.

Our specialists are fully insured, have years of experience, expert horticultural knowledge and are dedicated to servicing lawns and gardens with efficiency, professionalism and friendliness.


Lawn and Garden Maintenance Services

Following a thorough horticultural analysis and quote, Amico’s garden maintenance teams determine which landscape maintenance services are necessary for each individual garden.

Our comprehensive range of gardening services encompasses every aspect of lawn and garden maintenance needed to allow your garden to thrive, including soil nutrition, threat control, general trimming and cleaning services.

Our services include:

  • Lawn Mowing and Edging
    Our gardening specialists are equipped to tackle the wildest lawns and gardens and tame them into tidy, pleasant landscapes.
  • Pruning
    Pruning is essential in order to stimulate the healthy growth of your trees and shrubs and encourage flowering.
  • Weeding and Trimming
    To make the most of your garden plants, trees and shrubs, Amico gardening service specialists will exhaustively rid the landscape of any unwanted or damaging weeds.
  • Fertilising, Garden Mulching & Soil Conditioning
    A beautiful garden starts with nutrient-rich soil and Amico’s landscape maintenance are fully equipped to provide the right food for your plant life.
  • Pest Control
    Whether your plot produce has fallen victim to slugs or your plant roots have been affected by worms, Amico has an range of pest control options and techniques that will remove the problem without damaging the plant life or natural ecosystem.
  • Rubbish Removal
    Fallen leaves, stray litter, forgotten toys; gardens accumulate rubbish over time. Our teams will rid your landscape of unsightly scraps and have it looking fresh and tidy in no time.
  • General Cleaning
    In addition to rubbish removal, our Amico specialists are available to give your garden or landscape an overall, general cleaning if time, use and weather has taken its toll on your surroundings.


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