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We love trees at Amico. Not only are they the great givers of life for our planet, but they are also great works of art, havens for wildlife, and great givers of shade which is vital in the sometimes unforgiving Australian Summer. Ask the best service for tree mulching Sydney offers and they will tell you: you need to add mulch to your trees.

Why is Tree Mulching Needed?

Applying mulch to your trees is the best way to give them the best leg up in life – it can prevent weed seeds from germinating and competing with your trees for nutrients, water and sunlight. Because of this, it is also water conserving by preventing the soil from drying out.

Is it easy to lay properly, or know what type of mulch works? Unfortunately, not for everyone. You can try, but mulch isn’t always cheap, it’s heavy to move, time consuming, and you should expect some trial and error. That’s where Amico comes in!

tree mulching services sydney

Mulch is a vital part of good tree health

How Can Amico Help with Mulching Your Trees?

The vast array of benefits to the Amico mulching service offering include:

  • Rapid response times, both on jobs and for enquiries
  • Efficient and skilled work with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Advice for pre and post service to help you maintain your own garden as well
  • A sizeable team of garden specialists which means no extreme weather nor illness will stop us from completing your job
  • Expertise and experience in garden maintenance – we have been operating since 1994
  • The Amico attitude to go above and beyond our high service quality on every project

Amico offers a range of services for your garden other than this and it’s just another reason why we are one of the best tree mulching services Sydney has to offer. We will not only help you work out which kind of mulch, but will source the mulch ourselves and lay it down for you to perfection.

Amico has the best tree mulching Sydney has to offer, period. This mostly down to our belief that the devil is in the detail, our work ethic, our skilled technique and “can-do” attitude.

Employing Amico to mulch your trees for you can give you your free time back.

That’s more time to catch your Zoom calls, or build a treehouse for your kids, or enjoy the Sydney surf, or just kick back and relax whilst we pull the weight. We will get your trees into great shape, and identify which mulch is needed too so you don’t have to.

tree mulching sydney

Picking the right type, quantity and placement of mulch is crucial to its success

Why Use Amico’s Tree Mulching Services in Sydney?

Amico is known as the most trusted tree mulching contractors Sydney wide, and above all, we are passionate about the gardens of Sydney. Our team takes great pride in ensuring that the outdoor spaces around us all look their very best, and with the Amico guarantee, they truly do!

  • Amico’s speedy communication means that you won’t be sitting around for something to happen, we can work to your schedule
  • Our teams will be sent to you almost immediately upon your approval and complete work efficiently to your satisfaction.
  • Amico is so sure of this, that we will come back until you are truly satisfied.
  • Due to our large team, illness, bad weather or anything else can’t stop us from getting out and tending to your garden and trees.
  • Amico has been providing garden maintenance, and service needs to Sydney customers since 1994, and our service goes above and beyond which is why many of our foundation clients remain customers to this day.

We look after every garden like they are our own and keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques and products to make sure your space is made perfect. With our skilled and experienced team working for you, rest assured your mulch will be done, your trees will be given the life hack and allowed to truly flourish and come into their own!

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The Amico team is always just a quick phone call away! We’ll make sure you have the right type, quantity and placement of mulch for your outdoors area. We’ll get your trees in shape without any stressing and you can simply reap the benefits!

Give us a call, and let us give you a free, no-obligation quote and give your trees the kickstart they need to thrive!

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