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Do you have divots, holes of a slant in your lawn? Yard levelling and landscaping preparation can help fix all of this while restoring a cleaner aesthetic to your outdoor area. The amount of land levelling required for your space will determine if it is a small DIY job or something that requires the experts.

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What’s the easiest way to DIY level a yard and lawn?

The easiest way to level a yard and lawn is to call experts.

If you see that you can fix it yourself, you will need some tools. With years of yard and lawn levelling experience, the experts at Amico recommend that you use the following tools and materials to handle a small DIY levelling of a yard:

  • Compost
  • Fresh soil
  • Sand and rocks
  • A rake
  • A shovel

Once you have this, here’s what needs to be done:

  1. Start by giving the lawn good water, then top-up any shallow depressions with a mixture of compost, new soil, and sand (approximately two parts sand, two parts soil and one part compost). 
  2. Apply the mixture to the lawn evenly using a rake, then compact the area using the back of your spade or your feet.
  3. Allow the newly added soil to settle over a few days and spread some grass seed and water as necessary.
    1. Note that for deeper depressions, you’ll need to dig out the top soil, any stones or large clumps and replace it all so you can then spread the seed.  

In some cases, back-yard leveling issues can be fixed in a couple of hours. Knowing that Sydney and Australia, in general, is quite hilly, we suggest that you consult for all your landscaping preparation and leveling questions with experts at Amico.

How is this made easier with the Amico yard levelling process?

The above steps can be made much simpler for you by handing it over to our excavator experts, especially for larger jobs. At Amico, our landscaping preparation processes are as follows:

  • An initial assessment of your land issues to determine a landscape preparation plan, time frame and a no-obligation quote
  • Our team will prepare the area and remove any debris that has caused the issue, or could potentially create an issue in the future
  • We apply high-grade materials to level the surface, creating a stable and aesthetically pleasing base
  • Seeding and additional care is then performed to ensure your lawn grows back evenly

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Contact the excavator experts at Amico today and never worry about your lawn or yard levelling needs again. Your back or front yard lawn care is in safe hands with us:

The benefits of yard and lawn levelling

Many customers want a flatter lawn for aesthetic reasons, but there are plenty of other reasons and benefits that come from investing in professional grading, including:

  • More usable space
  • Higher quality top soil
  • Reduced erosion
  • Improved drainage
  • Dry basements
  • Improved overall landscape aesthetic
yard levelling sydney

When it comes to landscaping preparation in Sydney, at Amico we offer a smooth and stunning finish handling the heavy lifting for you.

Why do our customers love our service?

As we have been ensuring the outdoor areas of Sydney look their best for many years, we have built a large client base that trusts in our skills and services. We go the extra mile from start to clean up on every task ensuring quality outcomes, making it easier for home and business owners to enjoy outdoor spaces they’ll love.

How much does it cost to level a yard and lawn in Sydney?

The cost of levelling a yard and lawn varies depending on the following property aspects:

  1. The level of degradation to the space
  2. The size of the landscape and any obstacles e.g. retaining walls, garden beds, decking, etc.

How Amico can help you with your lawn and yard levelling needs

Amico is always contactable with after-hours calls and emails welcome and site visits to suit your schedule. We work efficiently to your satisfaction and offer several teams to ensure little to no disruption to scheduled visits. 

We have been providing efficient garden maintenance and service since 1994 and always go above and beyond. It’s the reason why we have so many repeat clients! Ask about a free quote and have our expert landscapers create a new lawn for your property today.

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A level yard is a good yard and so you need experts that can do a fantastic job with great service! Contact Amico landscaping today to ensure your lawn looks its best!


Do you have some more questions about landscaping preparation and how to have a stunning lawn? Find the answers in our helpful FAQ section:

How do I level a yard for a retaining wall?

To level a yard that has, or will be gaining a retaining wall, follow these initial steps:

  1. Install Stakes and attach a string
  2. Level the String
  3. Dig a retaining wall trench
  4. Tamp the dirt and add gravel
  5. Add sand and wall blocks.
  6. Add a second row of blocks
  7. Pour some gravel and level before adding pavers

What is the easiest way to level your yard?

While small divots can be handled with a DIY method that involves fresh soil and compost and a little manual labour, levelling of deeper issues requires professional help with larger machinery like a skid steer loader. By calling an expert team like the one at Amico, with the right earthmoving equipment to ensure success, you guarantee that your levelling can withstand the test of time for years to come.

How can I level my yard using a shovel?

Here is an easy step-by-step backyard levelling process to improve your yard and add new turf using a shovel, watch this before you begin work:



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