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Trees of all sizes have the ability to transform your garden into a grand, sweeping landscape of ethereal beauty. However, managing and maintaining them can be daunting and often dangerous.

Whether you want to bring life into your garden by planting a new tree, maintain the grandeur of your current shrubbery or have unwanted trees removed, Amico – an expert landscape gardener in Sydney offers a range of tree services across Sydney. Our highly qualified tree surgeons can operate completely safe and clean tree removals, grind stumps and clear land.

With over 17 years of experience, our professional and insured arborists will provide an environmental assessment of your landscape and are available to perform emergency dangerous tree removals 24/7.

Our experts are specialised in many different kinds of plant life, including date and canary palm trees and perform pruning and thinning to approved Australian standards. Rather than tackle these potentially dangerous issues alone, call on the experts at Amico to provide tree services across Sydney efficiently, professionally and with care.

Tree Removal Sydney

Removal Services

Our Amico tree surgeons have over 17 years of experience in tree work and are able to offer efficient, safe and clean tree removal. Whether your tree is fallen, having a negative impact on the rest of your garden or simply unwanted, our tree surgeon Sydney specialists are experienced and skilled in carrying out tree removals, grinding stumps and clearing land, leaving our clients with a clean and tidy garden or landscape.

Dangerous Removals

Removing unwanted or fallen trees is a potentially dangerous task that requires expertise and experience. Amico’s qualified Sydney tree surgeons are highly skilled in tree removal and specialise in dealing with particularly dangerous tree removal in the Eastern Suburbs and Bondi.

Our arborists in extremely dangerous cases, Amico offers a 24/7 emergency service, allowing our customers to rest easy, knowing that help is only a phone call away. In case of emergency call our 24/7 emergency number listed below and Amico will dispatch a qualified tree surgeon as soon as possible.


More Tree Work Services

Environment Assessments

Before tree removal, pruning, or any other tree work, our expert arborists undertake a thorough analysis of the environment in order to fully understand the landscape and ensure completely safe, clean tree work.

Pruning and Thinning

Overgrown tree branches can cause a myriad of problems for your garden or landscape including interfering with electrical lines and reducing the longevity of the garden plant life. By pruning and thinning your trees, our Amico arborists will improve the health of your garden, bring more sunlight into the space and create a tidy, aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Date & Canary Palm Specialists

Here in Sydney, gardens and landscapes are dotted with beautiful palms that provide a pleasing splash of vibrant tropical plant life to any environment.

However, palms can often become overgrown and unmanageable. Palm trees in particular require expert care and the appropriate equipment in order to be pruned, trimmed, cleaned or removed safely and effectively. Our date & canary tree surgeon specialists have decades of experience and are highly qualified to address your palm needs safely, efficiently and cleanly.

Land Clearing and Stump Grinding

After tree removal, many assume that the job is over. However, in most cases, the stump of the tree remains underground which may cause problems by attracting pests, allowing the tree to grow back or becoming a tripping or construction hazard. Rather than leave you with a potentially dangerous and costly future problem, our tree removal Sydney experts have the training, skills and equipment necessary to rid your garden of stumps cleanly and effectively.

Specialists in Spikeless and SRT climbing

Effective tree maintenance requires pruning and thinning, and the taller the tree, the more necessary this maintenance becomes. At Amico, our arborists are specialised in ascending trees professionally, efficiently and in a manner that does absolutely no damage to the tree.

We are specialised in spikeless climbing, meaning that we can ascend and maintain trees without causing any spiked injury. Our experts climb using single rope technique (SRT), which allows the tree surgeons to climb and manoeuvre the tree with ease and efficiency. These techniques must be carried out by a professional, and our Amico professional team are the ideal experts needed to maintain and manage your shrubbery with efficiency, professionalism and skill.


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