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Everyone wants the look of lush, green lawn sprawling across their landscape, impressing any who cross its path, but when you are starting from scratch in Australia, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Whether you are growing a new long or refreshing an old one, asking the question “how long do grass seeds take to grow” is the first step to understanding how to create an impressive green lawn for your home.

There are many advantages to a healthy open lawn space; read on for Amico’s tips on ensuring you have one.

How long does it take to grow grass from seed in Australia?

​​While you could take the quick option with pre-rolled ready-to-plant grass or even fake lawn, nothing beats the satisfaction of gardening and growing your lawn yourself. When it comes to how long the process of planting grass seed and growing your lawn takes, there are four factors that come into play. 

Grass seed can take anywhere from five days, all the way up to thirty to sprout. Let’s dive into the four factors to give you some ideas around what you should expect for your lawn:

  • The age of your seeds

This plays a significant role in your timelines, and you should always check the date on the bag before you buy your seed. Aim for seeds that have been bagged recently as expired seeds will not grow. Steer clear of anything older than two years.

  • The kind of grass you are growing

The type of seeds you are planting can affect the growth rate. There are both cool and warm-season kinds of grass that have different peak seasons, but if you mix these two variants together and plant them simultaneously, you should see a consistent shade of green. 

  • How you plant the new grass

Soil, watering, and location are all major factors in your lawn’s success. First, check your soil temperature; the optimal temp for grass seed growth is 55 degrees. Next, make sure that the soil is not too wet or dry, and plant the grass seed ¼ of an inch into the soil, making sure it is not too tightly packed so your seedlings can emerge.

  • Watering your seedlings

Too little water will dry out your seeds, and too much is simply water waste that prevents the seeds from growing properly. Water every second day to find the right balance. We also recommend that you constantly monitor the moisture of the soil. Spongy ground is too wet, so keep a close eye on moisture levels.

how long do grass seeds take to grow in Australia

When it comes time to plant grass seed, let the experts at Amico help! From soil moisture to Zoysia grass, we have the knowledge to ensure success.

The most common grass seed and their timeframes

This is a list of the most common grass seed and how long each takes to germinate:

  • Annual Ryegrass: Fast-growing but cannot handle the cold, germinates in five to 10 days.
  • Bentgrass: A cool-season grass often used on golf course greens germinates within two weeks.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass: Very tolerant to cold but takes between 10-21 days to grow.
  • Perennial Ryegrass: A sturdy option that can handle lots of foot traffic, germinates in five to seven days.
  • Red Fescue: A cool-season grass that loves shade and small amounts of water. germinates in 12 to 22 days.
  • Zoysia Grass: A warm-season grass that’s drought-tolerant but requires between 14 and 21 days to grow. 

How to prepare the soil before planting the new seeds

To prepare the soil for grass seed, use a rotary tiller on the top six inches, breaking up large clumps. This gives the area more oxygen. Next, remove rocks and debris, then rake the area forming a flat, even surface. Water the area and sprinkle fertiliser evenly.

How Amico will help you grow your grass?

When it comes to planting grass seed, Amico is the expert who have been responsible for making the gardens of Sydney look their best for many years. We can find the right grass species for your home, prep your ground properly and give you the right foundation for a healthy lawn to grow.

Leave the entire process to us, call 1300 – GARDEN (1300 427 336) to have one of our expert team members provide a no-obligation quote for the garden of your dreams.

how long do grass seeds take to grow in Australia

Cool or warm-season grasses? Why not both! We recommend a mix to make sure you are growing grass all year long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some more questions about planting grass seed? You may find the answers here:

Will grass seed grow if I just throw it down?

No, you need to let your grass seedlings find some depth to form a solid root foundation. We recommend about ¼ of an inch into the soil so the grass seed germinates with the right level of protection from the elements.

How often do you water new grass seed?

We recommend watering every two days after you plant grass seed. This will ensure the right balance of moisture to create the optimal growing conditions for your new lawn.

How do I speed up grass seed germination?

For the fastest germination, add fertiliser and soak then dry the seeds before planting them. Then you simply water every couple of days to ensure the right level of moisture, which should give your grass the quickest path towards healthy growth.

Can I plant new grass after using a weed control product?

We recommend waiting four weeks after using a weed control product before planting seed. Applying straight away can add to the residual herbicide, damaging the lawn.

How soon can I mow after planting new grass in Australia?

Your new grass seedlings must be firmly rooted before mowing. Let the lawn reach about 6cm in height before the first mow. Subsequent mowings should not be done below 4cm.

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So starting with little more than a motor mower, a utility truck and business name (Ami-co) he set forth into his local suburbs and for the next few years Ami found the business rewarding and it expanded rapidly.

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