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For strong foundations and quality artistry that lasts, Amico is the finest retaining wall specialist Sydney has!

Amico can provide a range of retaining walls to suit any size from a garden edge to significant heights. Our expert installers provide the best retaining walls Sydney has ever seen, working with you to select the best option to suit your style and design requirements.

We ensure that we keep up to date with the latest trends so we can choose modern colours, shapes, textures, heights, sizes, and finishes to suit your project.

With Amico retaining wall specialists Sydney gets;

  • Professional service with attention to detail
  • All of the necessary tools and implements required
  • Fast and cost efficient service
  • Visually pleasing results


Retaining Wall Specialists Sydney

The Amico range of services provide an extensive range of complete offerings for refinement and development of your garden and outdoor spaces; and a retaining wall can be a significant part of your design and aesthetic. Amico can supply and build a wide variety of retaining walls and systems from natural and reconstituted sandstone and limestone to various supplies for retaining walls of all heights, designs, and systems.

Amico’s outstanding customer service and team of fully qualified professionals will ensure that your retaining wall is durable, safe and above all, picturesque.

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Speak to Amico about a range of materials that can be used to create the right aesthetic for a retaining wall in your garden.

Why Amico are the Finest Retaining Wall Specialists Sydney Has

As one of the most trusted gardening services in Sydney, Amico can help you discover a new look for your garden with a range of designs tailored to your space. Retaining walls are indeed functional, but they can also be stunning visual features for your space as well. The experts at Amico will offer a balance of both so that you get the very best out of your space.

Trust in Amico with your garden and retaining wall designs and you will be very happy with the result. We say this with confidence due to the many customers who have been satisfied by our professional and pleasing solutions for their garden spaces. Amico works within a cost and time-efficient goal for all of our clients, getting you the best outcome at the most reasonable cost is our number one priority.

Do You Even Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls often go unnoticed, but are very common for areas where extra support is needed to stop the earth from moving downhill. While they are battling gravity and protecting your land against shifting, they can also help provide usable land. A retaining wall can serve a valuable landscaping purpose for your home.

Retaining walls also manage water runoff as they slow the flow of rainwater, making gardening and lawn care much more manageable. Best of all, they can provide extra seating for people to sit and chat on while you are entertaining; helping to make far better use of your space!

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No matter what space you are working with or look you are going for, Amico can help you create a garden you will love with retaining walls that serve a purpose and work towards your design theme.

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The Amico team is well-versed in the design and construction of retaining walls and we can offer the highest levels of professionalism while creating a garden that you will love for many years to come.

Our many years of experience in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney as garden management specialists means we have seen it all. We can solve all of your garden needs while working to your budget. Get in contact with us for a competitive quote, or even just to ask some questions and run some ideas past us. We’ll be happy to hear your vision, ensure it is possible and even make some handy suggestions to help get the best garden possible into your home quickly.

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