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Breathe Life Into Your Garden

Are you looking to transform your garden into the flourishing sanctuary of your dreams? Do you wish to be surrounded by an array of vibrant plant life but don’t know where to start?

For many beautiful gardens and landscapes, furnishing the space with appropriate and stylish plant pots can be both the first step to achieving a lively garden and the finishing touch bringing together an entire landscape design vision.

Amico’s outdoor pots Sydney are an easy, and often essential, way to introduce new plant life into your garden and make the planting and nurturing process simpler and more reliable. Whether you are interested in nurturing the growth of a young tree or simply wish to display a few small plants, Amico sells pots in a range of sizes and materials suitable for all kinds of plant life.

Our range of pots also allows for beautiful plant life throughout your home or interior; in addition to our outdoor plant pots, Amico offers a wide range of beautiful indoor pots in many sizes.

Our large outdoor pots and indoor pots come in a variety of designs, from minimalistic to ornamental, ensuring that we have the right pot to complete your landscape design and nurture your plants.

Feature Ceramic Pots

Since thousands of years ago, ceramic pottery has played a role in every day human life and it’s no surprise that the material remains as popular as ever today. Ceramic is one of the most reliable materials available; it is strong, durable and weather-resistant.

Given these benefits, Amico sells a wide, diverse range of glazed ceramic plant pots including outdoor plant pots, indoor plant pots and large pots for plants. Our ceramic plant pots come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, ensuring that we have the right pot to suit your plants and your aesthetic vision.

Our in-store Amico employees are professional, friendly and always willing to help customers find the right pot to suit their specifications.

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Lightweight Fibrestone Pots

In addition to our range of heavy-duty ceramic outdoor and indoor pots, Amico also offers a range of lightweight fibrestone pots and planters. Available in minimalistic designs and creamy white or charcoal colours, these pots and planters provide an alternative potting solution that is tough yet lightweight.

Fibrestone provides an aesthetically pleasing touch to any garden or landscape, with the added benefit of easy mobility and cleaning. If you are interested in expanding your garden, but don’t want to commit to large decorative pots, try our range of lightweight fibrestone pots and planters.




Visit our Eastern Suburbs Shop

Amico offers a home plant delivery service or you can drop in at our shop at 20 Bourke Street, Queens Park, NSW 2022.

At our store, you can find our entire range of large pots for plants and speak to an Amico professional about your garden or landscape and which pot is right for you. We are open 24/7, stop by and say hi!

Call us at 1300-GARDEN (1300- 427 336).

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