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Losing The Neverending Battle With Weeds? Amico Can Offer A Weed Control Service That Means You’ll Never Have To Worry About Them Again!

We all know… weeds are annoying! Plus they seem to grow back faster than you can pull them out. Nothing ruins the aesthetic of a garden more than mounds of weeds and seeing them every time you step outside can be extremely bothersome.

Luckily, when it comes to weed control, Sydney knows to call Amico. Our weed control service is the best way to combat those pesky plants that are not welcome in your beautiful garden or lawn.

Amico Weed Defense

Amico has been keeping gardens and lawns in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Inner West Sydney beautiful since 1994. During that time, we have been responsible for controlling the spread of many weeds, and we can do the same for you too.

lawn weed control

Don’t let weeds ruin the look of your beautiful garden, and certainly don’t let them stress you out! Amico can help get rid of these pesky plants so you can enjoy your spotless lawn and garden.

The biggest issue with weeds is that if they are left unattended, they can take over their environment, and even kill other plants. Not to mention the fact that they look unsightly, but they can also take valuable water and nutrients away from your lawn too.

Lawn Weeds

Weeds in your lawn are even harder to deal with as you may not notice them until they have significantly rooted themselves into the ground. The reason why so many people hire professionals for lawn weed control in Eastern Suburbs Sydney is to ensure that the correct treatment method is used, so that it does not also kill your lawn.

Amico recognizes this, and we can hand-pull or use certain herbicides to kill off particular weeds while leaving your lawn unaffected. It is also important to note that a thicker well-maintained lawn prevents weed growth, so talk to our expert gardeners in Golden Grove today about regular lawn maintenance to avoid weeds taking over!

The Amico Process

To effectively rid your lawn of weeds Amico will first identify what types of weeds are attacking your lawn. We are well experienced in handling all varieties of weed species including:

  • Grassy Weeds: The most common you’ll find in your lawn
  • Broadleaf Weeds: Weeds with fuller leaves and sometimes flowers or thistles
  • Perennial Weeds: Weeds that come back year after year until adequately removed.
  • Warm-Season Weeds: Particularly prevalent over the summer months
  • Cool-Season Weeds: Often popping up during the spring
weed control sydney

Weeds in the lawn can be difficult to identify and remove, plus if you don’t get the whole plant it grows back fast! Let Amico handle this for you, we are experts at weed removal and we will ensure that they don’t cause your lawn any more harm.

Simply pulling weeds from the ground won’t always remove the entire weed, meaning it will likely re-grow and sprout again. Amico can prevent this from happening and we take pride in being as thorough as possible so you won’t be seeing that particular weed again!

Amico Is Your Weed Prevention Expert

The prevention of weeds is the always the best course of action, and Amico aims to stop weeds before they sprout, catching them at their weakest point.

We will protect your yard year-round with routine preventative treatments keeping your lawn healthy and your garden looking immaculate all the time.

Call Amico And Start Fighting Weeds Today

Weeds work at becoming bigger weeds constantly, and you don’t have the time to combat that. That’s why you need Amico to help! Whether you live in the CBD, in Eastern Suburbs or in Inner West, we can help ensure that you have a spotless yard and healthy lawn all year round. We also offer other lawn care services like fertilising, mulching and lawn mowing anywhere in Sydney.

Please don’t put up with a yard full of weeds or the stress and commitment of managing it yourself. Protect your lawn with Amico… we love to create beautiful gardens and our customers love to enjoy them, it’s the perfect relationship!

Give us a call at 1300427336 for a no-obligation quote, we are more than happy to assess the required tasks at your home and offer a cost-efficient solution to any garden needs that you may have. There is a reason why when it comes to lawn care, Sydney calls Amico. Let us show you what that is today!


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