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Despite the cold snap in the air, winter really does offer a perfect chance for dedicating some time and love to your garden. Turning over the earth now can bring some tasty rewards as the seasons change. The biggest bonus? Planting winter veggies means a bountiful harvest awaits you in the warmer months, and your vegetable crisper need never be empty with the fantastic planting guide we’ve got for you.

Consider Your Conditions

We love and recommend winter vegetable planting for any gardener keen to get their green thumb working and bring forth some new life from June to August. But it’s also important to keep a few points in mind when planning your winter garden.
Remaining aware of the coldest times of the season will let you avoid planting during tougher conditions. Many plants, especially young ones, are fragile in extreme temperatures—so a week predicted to feature heavy frost is not the best choice!

Leafy Greens for Winter

Since there is an array of plants that will suffer in high heats and full sun, no winter vegetable planting guide would be complete without mentioning some of our favourite leafy greens. Chock full of vitamins C, K and differing kinds of vitamin B, spinach is a prime contender for winter planting.

Spinach seeds don’t germinate well in warm soil, and the plant prefers cooler temperature: making them a great choice for your veggie garden during winter. Rocket, bok choy, and a variety of lettuces can also round out your greenery while it’s cool!

winter spinach

Add asparagus to your winter veggie garden for more greenery in your garden and more crunch in your dinners

Peas, Beans, and Crunchy Veggies
The predominantly temperate weather that New South Wales experiences year-round means a wider variety of winter planting options than might not otherwise be possible. Snow peas are an excellent winter vegetable choice for this reason. The milder winters means that they can be planted at any time throughout the season.

asparagus in winter

Add asparagus to your winter veggie garden for more greenery in your garden and more crunch in your dinners

At the same time, consider giving them garden bed-buddies! Fellow crunchy vegetables such as different varieties of beans, spring onions, and asparagus are all great winter planting and growing options and ensure a flow of fresh veggies from garden to plate as Spring approaches.

Preparing for the Fruits of Spring
There are few things better than biting into a vibrant red, juicy strawberry as the weather begins to get warmer. In New South Wales’ cooler winter climate, the perfect spot for growing your own delicious berries is warm and sunny (full-sun to part-shade), with good air circulation and nutritious soil.

Strawberries in winter

Add strawberries on the vine to your well-mulched garden bed

Strawberry planting options include seedlings and runners, and they thrive in a wide range of locations. Whether it’s your garden patch, a hanging basket or an outdoor pot, plant strawberries in winter to reap the bright red fruits in time for sweet spring snacking.

Finally, temperate winter weather means herbs are always a good choice! Herbs provide another great option in winter that can add a vibrant splash of green to brighten up your garden. Keep an eye out for chamomile, coriander, lavender, mint, oregano and others, and take advantage of your choices to add flavor and excitement to your winter meals.

winter oregano

Tall sprigs of oregano will add bright greenery to your garden and wonderful taste to your plate

Here at Amico, we’re passionate about creating gardens that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes throughout the seasons. To see some of the wonderful ways, Amico’s expert horticulturalist can support your veggie garden aspirations throughout Winter, look at our project gallery! Here, we provide you a small snapshot of the wide range of lush (and tasty!) gardens we’ve created for happy clients over the years.

If you need some help in creating that winter vegetable garden, our team of expert gardeners in Coogee is just one call away. Give us a call at 1300 – GARDEN (1300 427 336) or drop by our Queens Park office for a personalised quote.

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