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Spring is in the air, and with it, the perfect chance to shake off the winter blues and revitalise your garden. We’ve put together a list of 8 trendy garden themes to breathe vitality and imagination into your garden as the warm weather comes back. These themes provide some basic stylistic elements to centre your garden design and plant choice around.

The Aussie Bush Garden

aussie bush garden

This gorgeous modern garden features interesting native plants in a more formal design

Embrace Australia’s gorgeous native flora in a relaxed style with few design rules. Minimal water requirements and low maintenance needs makes this a highly sustainable theme using Australia’s beautiful natural landscape. In an Aussie bush garden, attract native wildlife by incorporating rockeries and featuring striking native plants like Waratahs, Dianella, and Bottlebrush.

The Contemporary Native Garden

contemporary native garden

Give your backyard or entrance lawn a fresh look this season with these attractive contemporary native Australian garden theme

If you love the idea of bringing more native Australian plants into your home’s outdoor spaces, but want to retain more formality, consider a contemporary native garden. A simple, minimalist layout features one or two striking Aussie natives with interesting foliage and blooms. Kangaroo Paws, native ferns and flowering plants such as Conostylis work well in a strong, simple colour theme. Adapting to any sized space allows you to take the chance and accent your container garden or courtyard with key plants and interesting modern ornaments.

The Colour-Themed Garden

colour themed garden

Complementary colours make this garden bright and well-coordinated

Consider theming your garden around a feature colour! Colours determine your garden’s vibe, so think carefully about whether you’re looking for something energizing (bright reds and yellows) or a more soothing feel (soft blues and purples). Monochromatic colour schemes tends to be easiest and have a lot of versatility, but mixing colours in a holistic scheme is a great idea too! Neutral garden colours—like white, black, grey, silver, shades of brown and green—can then be incorporated to set off your theme colour to best effect.

The Desert/Rock Garden

rock garden

A simple but gorgeous display of a desert or rock garden

If your area is drier, or you want a low-maintenance garden solution, the desert or rock garden provides an informal space that mimics natural desert landscapes. Adaptable to suit any sized space, it has low-water requirements and provides a wonderful opportunity to display interesting cacti and succulents. Large rocks provide emphatic feature points and bright flowering plants such as red Baby Sun Rose and the sunny yellow Billy Buttons add splashes of interest.

The English ‘Cottage Style’ Garden

English ‘Cottage Style’ Garden

An English ‘Cottage Style’ Garden mingles different plants in a relaxed, welcoming space

This world-famous garden tradition emphasises a lush, green and inviting space that informally but charmingly mixes together flowers, herbs and fruit trees. Arbours, climbing flowers and vines, and blooms that spill over the edges of walkways and paths make for a delightfully casual and colourful landscape design. Incorporate shrubs and small trees in amongst flower beds for a visual feature point that adds variety, height and structure to your garden.

The Oriental Garden

oriental garden

Oriental gardens promise a calming space with gorgeous formal design elements

This elegant, highly-formal theme soothes the soul with a clean, minimalist design. This highly-stylised ‘natural’ landscape incorporates artistic ornaments and installations. Though it’s perfect for optimising space in small gardens and courtyards, this theme also offers a breathtaking landscape in a larger area using decorative elements, especially water features and rock gardens.

The Mediterranean Garden

mediterranean garden

A formal, inviting Mediterranean garden with decorative elements and edible plants

Particularly well-suited for coastal regions, the gorgeous Mediterranean garden boasts a formal style that mingles earth tones and vibrant hues. Fitting for a wide range of Australian climates, this theme works effectively regardless of the available space, and is water efficient and low maintenance. Decorative aspects such as beautiful tiles, water features and terracotta pots are staples of this theme, which easily incorporates fragrant and edible plants, and Aussie natives.

The Tropical Garden

tropical garden

This relaxed and informal tropical garden theme boasts amazing greenery

The informal, lush greenery of the tropical garden provides brilliant flowers and a relaxing ‘paradise’ vibe in your backyard. Not only is this theme well-suited for coastal areas, but it’s low maintenance and adaptable to any kind of space. A ‘jungle-like’ effect is created through vibrant floral features and profuse green foliage, including ornamental and edible plants, and the inclusion of climbing vines to give a sense of depth.

At Amico, we love creating gardens that reflect your personality and meet your vision! To see some of the innovative and interesting ways our expert horticulturalists can develop your dream garden theme, look at our project gallery! This provides a small snapshot of the large range of diverse gardens we’ve created for happy clients over the years.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your garden maintenance needs in Sydney or have that trendy theme for your garden, get in touch with us for our advice or ask us for your personalised quote.

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In 1994 Ami Bauer left his corporate management career in retail. Not knowing exactly what to do next, he started mowing lawns and gardening, mainly as a fill in job till he figured out his future.

So starting with little more than a motor mower, a utility truck and business name (Ami-co) he set forth into his local suburbs and for the next few years Ami found the business rewarding and it expanded rapidly.

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