6 Interesting Outdoor Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

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Small gardens can leave you feeling you’ll never achieve the garden design you’ve always dreamt of. But don’t let lack of space kill your garden plans! These 6 interesting design ideas allow you to maximise space and create the garden you deserve – no matter where you are.

Small Garden Ideas

Trees in Small Spaces

Beautiful tree varieties aren’t just for spacious courtyards: incorporate them into your small garden to a gorgeous focal point. If you’re not sure of the best place for your trees or want the option to move your tree around with the seasons or with changing locations, potted dwarf species might be a great option for you.

Trees in Small Spaces

Use Spaces You Didn’t Even Know You Had

There are plenty of unused spaces in your home and garden area to bring more greenery into your life. Balcony railings and windows can be excellent places to brighten and green up with small flowering planter boxes. Meanwhile, gorgeous hanging arrangements can be hung suspended from overhead beams on balconies, and any other place your imagination can come up with!

Balcony railings

Trellis Plants for Colourful Accent Columns

Create gorgeous columns with compact flowering climbers to provide a pop of colour in your garden while conserving space. There are endless variations for your personal garden dreams, and the colour and foliage these climbers provide will leave you feeling immersed in an oasis of greenery. Shade-loving climbers include Chinese Star Jasmine, while if you love native plants, consider planting Australian native dusky coral pea.

Trellis Plants

Create a Delicious Edible Garden

Edible gardens mean the best of both worlds: the joys of growing your own vegetables, coupled with the lush greenery and vibrant splashes of colour provided by your delicious bounty. Chilis will thrive in warm, sunny spots such as your kitchen windowsill (and spice up your dinners!), while window boxes can house sweet red strawberries; tomatoes, leafy greens and an assortment of fresh herbs are all wonderful tasty options for your small edible garden, and can be planted to suit your garden and landscape design needs.

Delicious Edible Garden

Choose Shrubs Carefully

Carefully selecting shrubs for your space ensures long-term enjoyment and plenty of greenery for your oasis. Consider the plant’s mature size and growth rate, so you don’t find yourself in an overgrown jungle! There are plenty of beautiful shrubs that maintain a small, compact shape as they grow and so are ideally-suited to small space, and there are plenty of shade-loving shrubs that will thrive in your small space.


Incorporate Interesting Articles into Your Garden

There are plenty of old and unused items you can find to feature in your green space for an eclectic vibe and great focal point. Pallets are a popular tool to create beautiful upcycled pieces such as flower displays and wall-mounted vertical gardens. If you’re particularly crafty, think about repurposing old aluminum food containers to plant colourful flowering plants; use an old colander for your hanging plants, or use a collection of mason jars and a wooden board to create a vertical herb garden.

Interesting Articles

For some examples of Amico’s expert horticultural approach to small spaces, have a look at our project gallery! Here, you can get some idea of the wide array of gorgeous gardens, both large and small, that we’ve helped to create over the years.

If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you and your small garden space, get in touch with us for our garden maintenance advice in Sydney, or visit our Queens Park office and ask us for your personalised quote.

About The Author - AMICO’s Founder – Ami Bauer

In 1994 Ami Bauer left his corporate management career in retail. Not knowing exactly what to do next, he started mowing lawns and gardening, mainly as a fill in job till he figured out his future.

So starting with little more than a motor mower, a utility truck and business name (Ami-co) he set forth into his local suburbs and for the next few years Ami found the business rewarding and it expanded rapidly.

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