10 Flowers That Grow Exclusively In Summer Season

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We’ve had a crazy summer of weather so far; from bushfires and smoke to torrential rain and possible flooding; which has made it much trickier for your garden maintenance in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

However, let’s hope for a bigger and brighter summer still ahead! 

Because, there are some lovely and beautiful flowers that bloom in the summertime. These can come in all different shapes, sizes, and can smell beautiful, whilst also attracting a rich vein of different wildlife. Here is a list of some of the best flowers that grow exclusively in the summer season:

1. Dahlia

Dahlia’s are rich in colour and sure to surprise and delight anyone who sees them!

Dahlias are a cheat entry, as they are a family subset including sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies, and zinnias. All of which are beautiful. They are a flower requiring full sun, and also come with a miniature version which is very suitable for outdoor pots in Sydney.

2. Frangipani

Frangipani are extremely fragrant flowers that will lift your spirits every time you’re around them

Frangipani flowers from December to April, in other words, throughout Summer to Autumn in Australia. They thrive in well drained soil and hate the frost! They also flourish in sandy- soil near beaches, great for your landscaping in the Eastern Suburbs.

3. Gardenia

Like the Frangipani, Garendia are wonderfully fragrant flowers, and perfect for that fragrant garden feel!

These flowers can be smelt long before they can be seen. They love their food though, so keep the fertiliser all year and make sure to soak them in water. You need good garden irrigation for this one.

4. Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo paw comes in a few different colours and is a wonderful flower for a range of purposes.

My mother swears by adding kangaroo paw in her garden. They love well drained soil and being pruned well at the end of their flowering season. My mother has 2 on either side of her front door, in large ceramic plant pots.

5. Banksia

Banksia is a flower that comes in a range of colours. Birds and insects love this flower!

Banksias flower for months, and produce beautiful colours along with a good supply of nectar for wildlife.

6. Bottle Brush

Easy to maintain and attractive to many forms of wildlife, this will perk up your garden!

Once they’ve grown, they require very little attention. Give it some fertiliser in spring once, and you will see great results! They attract birds too, so great for animal lovers.

7. Lavender

Beautiful colour, work well as a bush, good fragrance, and incredibly low maintenance.

Not only is Lavender a beautiful shade of violet, not only is it lovely smelling and bumblebee attractive, but it also grows well in a variety of conditions. It likes hot summers and dry winters; just don’t over water it.

8. Bougainvillea

Rich colours. You will be the envy of your street with a Bougainvillea in your front garden!

They can do well in outdoor planter pots on a balcony or a patio, or if you have the room, give it a full flower bed and let them spread out.

9. Hydrangea

Grow in a range of colours, and bloom within weeks. Your garden will love you if you grow Hydrangeas.

If you had planted these in the springtime, you will have awesome results by summer. They like rich, moist soil like Gardenias. Let them have the full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. If you choose to have more acidic soil, the hydrangeas will go blue, whereas neutral and alkaline soil will create mauve (shade of purple) and pink blooms.

10. Petunias

Hanging baskets, ready for all conditions and a rich palette of colours, Petunias are perfect for all situations!

These beautiful flowers are also real troopers. They can withstand a barrage of stormy weather, but also the full heat of a dry, hot summer too. They usually flower within around 3 months of planting. They grow outside typically, but they can grow indoors if needed. 

Whether you end up going for just one of these flowers, or a combination of the above, you are sure to brighten up your balcony or garden in Australia during this summer.  Plant some today, on your own, or if you need more helpful advice and tips for your garden, give us a call today to see how we can help you.

About The Author - AMICO’s Founder – Ami Bauer

In 1994 Ami Bauer left his corporate management career in retail. Not knowing exactly what to do next, he started mowing lawns and gardening, mainly as a fill in job till he figured out his future.

So starting with little more than a motor mower, a utility truck and business name (Ami-co) he set forth into his local suburbs and for the next few years Ami found the business rewarding and it expanded rapidly.

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