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Artificial grass installation eliminates the need for irrigation and water tanks or costly and time-consuming ongoing maintenance!

Artificial grass landscaping is popular because it has been designed with a look and texture that rivals real grass. There are also many benefits to using artificial grass, including; low-maintenance, fewer water requirements and an appealing aesthetic.

Synthetic grass has a simple installation process when you deal with Amico, and we also ensure that drainage is catered for. Enjoy no ongoing maintenance or ongoing costs with synthetic grass, that is also now more affordable than ever.

Synthetic Grass Installers Sydney

Amico offers many services and synthetic grass installation is one of our more popular services as people love how convenient it is! Gone are the days where you could tell that artificial grass was artificial, it’s now more convincing than ever! Score yourself a lasting and healthy garden without any of the required maintenance.

The qualified team of gardening maintenance specialists at Amico are experts who offer the finest garden maintenance services across the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. You won’t believe the transformation of your backyard with synthetic grass and the kids won’t be able to stop playing on it.

artificial grass landscaping

The benefits of Amico artificial grass landscaping includes low-maintenance, perfect looking gardens all year round. No need to store a lawn mower in the shed!

Why Choose Amico?

It’s almost ironic that Amico began as a humble sole owner/operator with just a mower and now we are the experts at installing grass that doesn’t require one! Through quality service and great word-of-mouth, Amico has grown into a workforce of service-driven experts who are efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and skilled at creating beautiful outdoor spaces for our very happy customers.

Our professional group of gardeners do whatever it takes to exceed client satisfaction and as a result we reply to all inquiries and instructions urgently. We know all there is to know about the best gardening services required for Kensington’s gardens, and that includes an expansive range of artificial grass products to suit your needs and wants.

Further to this, we can promise that;

  • Amico answers and returns phone calls or emails immediately. After hours phone calls and emails are welcomed and site visits can be requested after hours and over weekends too.
  • Our team will be sent to you very quickly upon your approval, and we will complete the work efficiently to your satisfaction.
  • Amico stands by our work, and our attention to any matters of dissatisfaction is second to none. We welcome and require immediate communication of any matter so we can rectify it quickly.
  • Because we have several teams, there is little to no disruption of scheduled visits. If a staff member is away, we have plenty of backups, and when work is delayed due to weather or any other reason, we can catch up very quickly.
  • Amico has been providing garden maintenance and garden service needs to Sydney area customers since 1994, and our service goes above and beyond which is why many of our foundation clients remain customers to this day.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass Landscaping

We all love a good looking lawn but loathe the work it takes to maintain or establish one. Artificial grass is the solution, and there are many benefits that outweigh the initial cost, including;

  • No need to water
  • Safe for children
  • No need for a lawn mower
  • Low to no maintenance
  • Dogs love it, and won’t eat it
  • It looks impressive all year round
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • It’s extremely durable
  • It will reduce the number of weeds in your garden as an artificial lawn means weeds will be far less prevalent leading to less required maintenance!
lawn mowing sydney

Gone are the days where you could tell that artificial grass was artificial, it’s now more convincing than ever!

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Amico offers fast and efficient quotes and advice for all of our garden services, from a team that maintains the highest levels of professionalism. Ensuring that your garden is beyond beautiful is our main priority. We know that you will try and love artificial grass and considering the many benefits listed above, it’s a no-brainer! Make your garden look picture perfect all year round without needing to invest anything beyond the initial installation!

Our garden management specialists work hard to minimise disruption time and maximise efficiency, and we can install a range of artificial lawns in your home or workplace with ease. Simply contact us today and we can offer you a quick quote, as well as some handy suggestions, to help Sydney residents get the most out of their outdoor areas again.

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